Get your gutters winter ready

Posted on: 22-Jan-2021 18:17:05
Get your gutters winter ready

Winter gutter cleaning - SuperGuttervac Services


Most people know they have to regularly maintain their car to keep it on the road, and it's the same with a house. It might not need an MOT, but there are jobs that should be done regularly to prevent storing up trouble for later. Keeping your guttering clean and clear of rubbish is one of them.


Chances are your gutters aren't even on your radar, especially in winter when it's too cold to even think about doing DIY outside, but it's a necessary and important part of maintaining a property.


A clogged gutter means rainwater that should be carried away from your property could be running down the walls, potentially weakening the foundations and leading to cracking or settling that could cost thousands of pounds to fix.


A build-up of leaves and grasses in your gutter means any water has nowhere to go, and the more they fill up, the more problems its likely to cause. It can also cause problems inside or your home too, a small drip or rotting fascia boards can allow damp to penetrate the walls. 


If the thought of dragging out the ladder and scooping a load of muck from your gutters leaves you cold, call us! Our ground-based, high-powered SkyVac system uses lightweight poles to safely and securely clean out every nook and cranny of your guttering, even on conservatories, which can be particularly tricky.


We can even show you what's lurking out of sight with our onboard camera, and some customers have even used their gutter rubbish as compost.


Because there's no scaffolding or access equipment, we get the job done quickly and charge between £45 and £95 for traditional houses (we offer a discount to landlords with multiple properties) while appointments are scheduled when it's convenient for you.


We also offer a comprehensive gutter clearing solution for all types of commercial buildings up to four storeys high. We have £5 million liability insurance cover and can provide an HSE risk assessment upon request.


Our friendly, professional team works within all current Covid-19 guidelines and covers the whole of Essex from Southend to Chelmsford and beyond, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to arrange an appointment

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