How do you safely clear gutters without ladders

Posted on: 07-Apr-2021 14:41:31
How do you safely clear gutters without ladders

How do you clean gutters without a ladder?


 Did you know that around 40% of falls from height accidents involve people using ladders? It's a sobering thought. Falls from ladders account for almost a third of all injuries, according to the Health and Safety Executive.


They cost the UK economy £60 million every year and they're the number one cause of workplaces deaths. Stories crop up in the news all the time of people carrying out the most mundane tasks who slip and end up badly injured - or worse.


Don't get us wrong, we're not out to wrap everyone up in cotton wool, but if you're planning to clear out your guttering this weekend, we'd advise calling us, rather than using a ladder and doing it yourself. Here are our top five reasons not to do it:




It might seem simple and easy to drag the ladder from the garage and stand it against a wall, but insecure placement of a ladder is a common cause of accidents. As well as running the risk of trying to balance on uneven or slippery ground, an improperly placed ladder can also damage your property - not to mention put you in harm's way!




Be honest, when was the last time you gave your ladders the once-over. Have you ever? Would you even know where to start? Or are they borrowed from your neighbour and you're just hoping for the best?


Electrical wiring


This is sadly quite a common issue: people perched on a ladder reaching further than they should to clean out debris from a gutter and slip. Before they know it, they're clutching at anything to stay upright - including electrical wires. You can imagine the rest…


Watch what you wear


Surprisingly what you wear to clean your gutters using a ladder can cause a similar problem. Trying to free loose-fitted clothing that has snagged has led to a tumble on more than one occasion.


Dizziness and/or vertigo


You would be amazed at the number of people who are overcome by attacks of vertigo or feel dizzy when they get to the top of a ladder. Even if they've never experienced it before - but then how often do you climb up to roof height?


You can avoid all these situations by simply picking up the phone and booking one of our expert teams. Our professional staff not only wear appropriate clothing - including hard hat and a high-visibility vest, their feet never leave the ground!


That's because we use the high-powered SkyVac system to clean your gutters, with an on-board camera that shows exactly what we've done for your money.


Our local teams cover everywhere from Basildon to Woodham Ferrers and you can even make a regular appointment, so you never have to contemplate clambering up a ladder again. Get in touch today at

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