How much should I pay to have my gutter cleaned?

Posted on: 10-Feb-2021 10:48:37
How much should I pay to have my gutter cleaned?

How much should I pay to have my gutters cleaned?

Us Brits have always been particularly good at standing up to rogue traders. From Esther Rantzen and her Watchdog crew to Rogue Traders, companies that tried to rip people off have been named, shamed and hopefully either learned their lesson or very quickly gone out of business.

Every firm that offers a service knows there's a value to it that goes beyond simply what you do, but we at Super Gutter Vac believe you shouldn't have to pay through the nose for expertise and professionalism.

Keeping a property's gutters clear of debris, ensuring rainwater flows away freely, not only improves the overall look of a building, no matter whether it's an office or a home, it can also prevent long-term and sometimes expensive damage, both inside and out.

So, what should you be paying for this important annual maintenance?

Sadly, we've encountered people who have been charged over £300 by unscrupulous firms, a gobsmacking amount from rogue tradesmen who more often than not provide zero proof of what they've done for your money.

In contrast, our pricing is as transparent as any window, with a three-bed semi costing an average of £60 - and customers can see for themselves the difference we make, thanks to the camera on our award-winning, high-reach industrial SkyVac system.

Bigger jobs, such as conservatories, naturally cost a little bit more, but our quotes are MAXIMUM prices, so our customers know up front exactly what they're getting. That's why so many of them come back to us again and again.

Our friendly, professional team covers the whole of Essex and works within all current Covid-19 guidelines. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to arrange an appointment.

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