Signs of a blocked gutter

Posted on: 17-Nov-2017 14:50:13
Signs of a blocked gutter

Signs of a blocked gutter


When a gutter is blocked, you may notice mould growing inside your house. The reasoning for this is when the water runs down the side of the house and comes through the wall. This can be easily hidden, due to furniture blocking it.

Leaking roof

Blocked gutters can sometimes mean water sitting for hours in one spot on the roof. If this occurs, the water will eventually come through, causing it to leak and eventually collapse the roof.

Damaged brickwork

A clogged gutter can result in water running down the wall, causing a high amount of damage to be done to brickwork. This can also make the house damp and ruin paintwork inside.

Cracked walls

Blocked gutters force water to pour down the wall, which can lead to cracking. After the cracking has happened, it can lead dampness and insects attacking your home.


If you do not keep your gutters clean, it can lead to insect attacks. This is due to walls cracking and being damp. Insects also love to bring leaves and food into your home.

Sagging Gutters

Another sign to look for is the gutter sagging. This occurs when the gutter is full of water, debris and other material. Failure to clear the gutter can lead to it breaking, and damaging your home.

Slippery driveways

A clogged gutter can lead to water falling in places that you would least expect. When a gutter overfills due to blockage, the water can drip down and make surfaces slippery and a danger to walk on.

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